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Course Descriptions

TM201 - Overview of Technology Management
The nature, processes, and dynamics of technology; technology management and competitive strategy at the firm, industry, and national levels.

TM 204 - Management of R&D
The systematic treatment of the various issues and factors inherent in the management of R&D; R&D strategies; measurement and assessment of R&D productivity; strategic R&D management.

TM 205 - Financial Analysis for Technology Managers
Analytical tools and techniques for the generation of financial information in aid of managerial decision-making; uses and limitations of current management accounting tools and theories for technology investment decisions.

TM 206 - Technology Marketing and Commercialization
The R&D/marketing interface in technological innovation; the process of commercializing new technologies.

TM 241 - Technology Acquisition and Assimilation
Systematic treatment of issues and problems in the selection, sourcing, transfer, and mastery of exogenous technology.

TM 251 – Technology Based Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship and its role in fostering technology innovation; organization and financing of business ventures; social dimensions of entrepreneurship. in fostering technology innovation; organization of entrepreneurship.

TM 281 - Strategic Technology Planning
Framework for strategic technology planning at the firm, industry, and national levels; models and methods of technology forecasting and assessment for the formulation of a strategic technology plan.

TM 291 - Management of Technology Programs and Projects
The project management approach as a tool for addressing organizational problems associated with technological innovations; covers such topics as the planning, organizing, and controlling of organizational resources; monetary, manpower, equipment, facilities, materials, and information.

TM 299 - Special Project in Technology Management
A supervised major project in technology management involving either S&T policy formulation and implementation or technology management decision-making at the enterprise level.

TM 255 - Legal Issues in Technology Management
Legal and regulatory environment for technology, innovation, and the enforcement of intellectual property rights.

TM 225 - Total Quality Management
Framework, tools, and techniques for designing, installing, and improving quality management and quality assurance systems; integrating successful determinants of total quality; research and experiential application of total quality management.

TM 298 - Special Topics in Technology Management: Knowledge Management
This course introduces the basic concepts and practices of KM. It consists of a variety of learning approaches: readings and lectures, experiential group exercises, online discussions, application of some approaches and tools in the actual workplace, and class reports of learning thereof.

TM 298 - Special Topics in Technology Management: Information Technology Project Management
This course has been designed to introduce you to a structured and practical approach to managing Information Technology projects. This is a fundamental course that stresses the core concepts and knowledge areas of project management with specific emphasis on managing value creation projects in IT. Focus is given to the planning of IT projects. However, some attention is also given to IT project execution and control.

TM 298 - Data Privacy and Information Security Management
This course will discuss the principles and the implementation of managing data privacy and information security in entities and enterprises. The application of domestic and international laws and regulations on data privacy shall be studied. Prevailing domestic and international industry practices in information security shall be surveyed and analyzed.

TM 298 - Knowledge Management
This course addresses contemporary issues in managing knowledge, intellectual capital and other intangible assets. Beginning with a view that these intangibles are strategic assets, the course will introduce the fundamentals of managing knowledge and intellectual capital, understanding some of the measurement issues, processes and cycles involved in their management and the specific issues in managing knowledge-based workers and the organizations in which they work

TM 298 - IT Project Management
At the graduate level, project management - its basic concepts and principles, and tools and methods will be applied to real work environment. Students will work on assignments and a major project to apply the techniques learned in planning, organizing and managing resources and activities in a project. This course will also cover issues that concern project managers of information technology projects, especially software development activities.

TM 298 - IT Product Management
The course aims to provide students with what product management is, and gain practical understanding of the following:

  • Role and responsibilities of a Product Manager
  • Ecosystem in developing products
  • The Product Lifecycle, from inception (i.e. how customer needs translate into features of a product) to design, development, maintenance& support, extending a product’s life (via innovation/leapfrogging) and decommissioning
  • Developing an IT product or Software Development Lifecycle Methodologies
  • Launching an IT Product (and/or Service)
  • Tools & methods used in Product Management (eg. Mindmapping, Customer Journey Mapping, Kanban)

TM 298 - Digital Transformation for Organizations
The digital disruption is here, so how will Technology Managers prepare for it?  This course provides an overview of digital transformation and how organizations should respond to avoid being irrelevant. Students explore trends that lead to digital innovation and learn the building blocks to develop digital capabilities.   Students will also be able to identify transformation patterns by reviewing the transformations happening in select industries.  To apply their learnings, students shall form teams and take on a digital audit / assessment project of a local or locally-based company being disrupted by trending and emerging technologies today and develop a digital transformation roadmap (or recommended changes) which may help the company with their digital transformation journey.

TM 298 – Business Data  Analytics
An elective course on Business Analytics, Data Science and Big Data Technologies. The course aims to provide a beginner’s understanding and appreciation of Business Analytics and Data Science as two highly sought-after skills nowadays (dubbed as the sexiest job of the 21st century); and the nature of Big Data, along with its three Vs —volume, velocity, variety. This course aims to enlighten the students about the power, challenges, breakthroughs, and the future of this area of study across many different industries.